Thank you for lending your support to this amazing event!


Together we did it!  Our fifth annual Wine&Stein Fundraiser brought in $60,000.00 for HearCare Connection locally.  It’s overwhelming to think of all the support of this community when it comes to the work of HCC.

As occurrences of hearing loss grow, so does the need for care. With all the changes in healthcare coupled with the fact that some providers are no longer accept insurance coverage from the Market Place Insurance plans, the number of individuals needing financial support to obtain individual hearing devices is growing.  HearCare Connection is designed to directly address these concerns.

We do this by developing services for individuals in poverty with hearing loss in Allen County.  We are a resource for the 1,300 kids in First Steps in Allen County to receive initial hearing screening that can lead to early intervention for hearing issues.

But we could not do any of this without your support .  You have made the difference for kids like Olivia who was fit the week of our Wine&Stein event.  She is eight years and has been complaining about missing things in school.  We don’t know how long she’s been living undiagnosed with hearing loss but we do know that as soon as she was identified as hard of hearing – your gift helped to put hearing aids on her ears.  Now the sky is the limit as she works towards her educational goals and enjoys the simple things of life: her love for country music.

Thank you so much for giving and allowing us to work in this community!

Anna Bogdon
Executive Director
HearCare Connection