Eliminating isolation and giving back.

HearCare Connection, Inc. is a nonprofit hearing center providing hearing healthcare to  low-income adults and under-served children in our community.  Our desire is that no person is prevented from full participation in life due to hearing loss.

Our mission is to build the self-worth of individuals by restoring their hearing potential and providing them with opportunities to engage with their communities through service to others.

We are not a free clinic.

We are not a free clinic.  We operate on a reduced fee, sliding scale basis to make hearing healthcare affordable.  We rely on the support of our community through grants, donations, corporate sponsorship and volunteers to make our programs sustainable.  In return, our unique Circle of Giving model gives our patients the opportunity to give back to the community through volunteer hours.  For every hearing aid our patients receive through HearCare Connection, they return a designated amount of volunteer hours to their community.  This is our way of saying “Thank you” to the funders and donors that make it possible for our patients to receive the “Gift of Hearing”.

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