Hear the stories of our amazing patients!



Christina found HearCare Connection through her dad. 

“Vanity took over in my 40’s.  I was embarrassed to think that in my 40’s I would need a hearing aid…  And my dad is just an amazing man, and he helped me get there. I thank him and I thank you.”

Christina has a special needs daughter.  As her daughter was getting older and Christina’s hearing was getting worse, it was harder and harder for her to understand her daughter’s speech.  Christina’s large family was being affected by her hearing loss as well.  “They were always being repositioned around me at restaurants, the table, and at band competitions.  It seemed like it started controlling my life. And now (that I have hearing aids) it’s given me my freedom back.”

So what is Christina’s advice for others? 

“I tell people every day, don’t take anything for granted.”

Christina completed her volunteer hours for her hearing aids at her local library.  She loves working with people from her home town and the staff there has said that she’s the best volunteer they’ve ever had.  “Volunteering comes naturally but when you’re giving back for something like this, it means even more.” 

The finances that we receive from our community help to reduce the cost of hearing aids to make them affordable to more people.  However, it is our model of giving back – our Circle of Giving – that reconnects people to people.  These connections create bonds of friendship and support in ways that will outlast any piece of technology we could fit.

Your partnership with HearCare Connection helps to provide quality, affordable hearing healthcare and hearing devices for individuals.  Our Circle of Giving Model brings dignity and hope to individuals as they invest in their own healthcare.  


Joe found HearCare Connection through Turnstone Center.

“Before I had my hearing aids I would hardly talk.  I wouldn’t say too much. I was always saying, ‘What did you say?’”  Joe was unable to understand those who were speaking to him and it made normal conversation impossible.  “There was a lot of quietness, a lot of asking, ‘What were you saying?  I can’t make out what you’re saying,’ and then they would have to repeat what they were saying again.”

Communication is a fundamental part of a relating to the world around us.  Hearing loss can silence relationships, but hearing aids can overcome isolation.  HearCare Connection was able to help Joe.

With a broad smile and a hearty laugh, Joe describes the difference.   “I talk more now, talking and joking around.  I like to joke around a lot with other people.  I notice the difference.  I don’t keep my mouth shut anymore.” 

But talking isn’t the only improvement in Joe’s life.  Joe lists his favorite sounds, “B.B. King., I love the blues and old rock and roll, Johnny Horton, and Tennessee Ernie Ford.  Hank Williams too!”  When asked, he wows the room with his impressive rendition of Louis Armstrong’s Hello Dolly!  He credits HearCare Connection for being able to fully enjoy music again.

 “What I really want to say to the donors - thank you for helping me out.  If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have the hearing that I have.  Everybody needs help sometimes.  I talk about HearCare ( Connection ) all the time and recommend you to other people. You guys are wonderful.” 

Your partnership with HearCare Connection helps to provide quality, affordable hearing healthcare and hearing devices for individuals. Our Circle of Giving Model brings dignity and hope to individuals as they invest in their own healthcare.


Monica came to HearCare Connection as a survivor of domestic abuse. 

“I lost my hearing maybe 7 years ago because my ex-husband hit me.  I tried many different products from stores to hear better but none of them worked.  I couldn’t listen to life.  One day my friend told me about this place (HearCare Connection) and maybe they could help me.  I said ‘Maybe,’ because nothing helped me before.  I came in here (I speak Spanish) and she helped me translate to English.  Here, I have a big hope…. I’m happy somebody helped!  I say thanks so much for fixing my life.  Now I listen to everything around me.  I say thanks so much for making my life better!” 

Monica completed her mandatory volunteer hours as part of our circle of giving model and was fit for her hearing devices.  In September 2013, Monica referred her friend to HearCare Connection.  She had also lost her hearing due to domestic abuse.  Her friend had small children at home and was working a job as a waitress, completing her volunteer hours was very difficult.  Monica stepped in and started donating her extra hours to her friend.  Her friend has been fit with her hearing devices and is starting to see all the blessings that better hearing can bring!

Monica is a wonderful example of our Circle of Giving model.  Because of the value Monica places on her ability to hear, she continues to volunteer and has donated 1000 hours in hopes of helping other people receive the Gift of Hearing.


Rose was 93 years old when her family brought her to HearCare Connection.

Near the end of her life, with her single hearing aid inadequate and functioning improperly, Rose struggled to communicate with those around her.  “That was her joy, just to have her family around. Even towards the end, even if she couldn’t participate a lot, she just wanted to be around family - just wanted to hear the conversations and just be around everybody.”

“With only one hearing aid it kind of impaired her talking on the phone and people would be hesitant to call her. They would say, “I would call her but she can’t really hear what I’m saying.” With the grandkids it would be hard for them to talk to her because they’d have to repeat things. I would have to instruct them to talk slow and look at her.”

Her daughter, seeing the need, volunteered in Rose’s place as part of the HearCare Connection’s Circle of Giving. She explains, “It made me feel good to help participate in earning the hearing aids for her. By providing service at the Community Harvest Food Bank, I felt like I was kind of giving back to the community. They were giving to my mom and I was giving back to the community, and it made me feel good about the whole thing.”

“It was such an opportunity for us. It made such a difference. I would do it again just to have her life improved. Even after she got sick she wore them ( her hearing aids) every day. I knew that it really enhanced her quality of life, made the conversation easier between the nursing staff and my mom, between myself and her too.” HearCare Connection was able to help Rose understand the healthcare workers and better communicate her needs. It also reconnected her with her loved ones.

“I didn’t have to shout. She was able to catch a lot more.  She heard it and then she could respond. She would talk on the phone and she made a list of people to call. She was a social butterfly. She was able to talk to her son out of state, daily, and her grandkids. She just always wanted to connect with people. That was her life - people. She had a servant’s heart, she always put people first.”

Rose’s family chose to extend the gift of hearing. “When my mom passed away we donated the hearing aids back to HearCare Connection so somebody else could have the benefit of quality hearing. I wanted it to make a difference in someone else’s life like it did in my mom’s.”  Rose’s daughter credits HearCare Connection for improving her mother’s quality of life. “I’m so grateful for the people who have supported this, for the opportunity. We couldn’t have done it any other way.”


Teresa found HearCare Connection through another patient who shared her own success and reason for volunteering in the community. “She told us about her experience and we watched her testimonial.” It was just the information Teresa needed. “If I’d known about this earlier, I would have come right away.”

Teresa’s hearing loss was gradual, but obvious. “The one thing that bothered me the most was not being able to participate. I felt frustrated always straining to hear and that’s uncomfortable, you’re always on edge trying to hear what they’re saying. It tires you out.”  Retired from teaching, Teresa struggled further at her position at church. “I’m a secretary and I needed to be able to hear what people say. For me it means everything because I have to write notes on what I am hearing on the phone and at parish council meeting, report on things, and hear their feedback.”

But being aware of the problem didn’t solve it.  “I knew I needed hearing aids but they were just too expensive. I couldn’t afford it. The first place was $6,000. The next said from $4,000 and up.” HearCare Connection provided a solution. “I have refurbished hearing aids, but they’re like new.  Mine in particular were owned by someone for less than a year. They’re the style I like and there was a 3 year warranty. It was amazing!”

She talks about her first visit. “It was emotional just to know I would be able to hear, not to be asking, ‘What did you say?’ For me it means everything. The people here have been super friendly and super supportive. They want to help. It was easy, first of all how quickly they were able to get the hearing aids for me, and then the volunteer hours. I had the first ten right off the bat.” Active in her community, Teresa volunteered through a local center helping others at special events and resource fairs.

The benefits of having hearing aids were immediate.  “My daughter-in-law sings to the baby. I can hear her and she has a really nice voice. We were listening to a movie and I could hear what they were saying. I can hear the tires on the roads when I drive, and my footsteps on the tile. It’s the things that you take for granted. I can even hear the birds better. It’s like before, when I could hear (without hearing aids).”

Knowing that there are others in need as well, Teresa spreads the word about HearCare Connection whenever she can, and she encourages others to give as well. “If you just have hearing aids that you’re not using and you’re not going to use, please donate them because they can make a world of difference to other people that are in need.”

And to those who already support HearCare Connection? “Just a great big thank you. Thank you, on behalf of everyone, the family that is impacted by that too.”