Hear are just some of the stories from people who have received the gift of hearing.


“I lost my hearing maybe 7 years ago because my ex-husband hit me.  I tried many different products from stores to hear better but none of them worked.  I couldn’t listen to life.  One day my friend told me about this place (HearCare Connection) and maybe they could help me.  I said ‘Maybe,’ because nothing helped me before.  I came in here (I speak Spanish) and she helped me translate to English.  Here, I have a big hope…. I’m happy somebody helped!  I say thanks so much for fixing my life.  Now I listen to everything around me.  I say thanks so much for making my life better!”



“I had a severe hearing problem.  When I got (my) hearing aid from HearCare Connection it made my life easy.  Now I can hear everything easily.  HearCare Connection are doing a wonderful job and the people are very good and friendly.  I wish them to continue their effort to make people’s life easy.



“We get together, ten or twelve of us, and go dancing.  I used to not hear when they are talking to me.  Now with my hearing aids, I tell them, ‘Be careful what you say, I can hear you now!’ I even tell my kids that too.  And they say, ‘Mom you can hear me!’ and I say, ‘Yes, I can.’”



“I am very happy with the service I received.  My hearing has improved.  I am able to hear much better.  Each of my hearing aids feels comfortable for wearing.  Thank you so much!



“About a year ago I noticed I was having a lot of trouble hearing my grandchildren, particularly the two younger girls. I just couldn’t hear them at all and was constantly asking them to speak up.  They ordered a hearing exam, found that I was down to about 68% hearing in that remaining good ear.  And, uh, I didn’t know what to do.  Someone my wife works with had referred us to HearCare and we came in and got to discussing pricing and stuff and it was suggested that I apply for the (HearCare Connection’s) program.  And I did, and was accepted.  I have to say that the ability to hear again in that right ear makes a huge difference to the quality of my life and I have to just thank the people here for everything that they’ve done for me.  One of the biggest difference that the hearing aid is making for me is to hear again things I had forgotten all about.  After being fitted for the new hearing aid I could hear water running, I’m looking forward to things like traffic sounds, birds singing, things I remember being able to hear at one time and slowly have just lost the ability to do so.”