Monica came to HCC as the first patient through our sliding fee scale clinic.  Listen to her story: "I lost my hearing because my ex-husband hit me.  I tried many different products from stores to hear better but none of them worked.  I couldn't listen to life.  One day my friend told me about this place (HearCare Connection) and maybe they could help me.  I said, "maybe." because nothing helped me before.  I came in here and my friend help me translate to English (I speak Spanish).  Here I have a big hope!"

Monica comes in regularly for her clean and check appointments.  Over the years, she has brought numerous people to our clinic.  She often translates for them now or helps them acquire their volunteer service hours for their new hearing aids.  

Then another tragedy - Monica was diagnosed with cancer. Through her battle she's had her family by her side and this dreaded disease hasn't stopped her generous heart from advocating for HearCare Connection:  

"Thank you so much because here is this place how my life has changed. My life has changed all around to me. thanks girls. I listen to my family I listen the bird I listen the life now"

And Monica can keep on listening because five years after her first set of hearing aids with HearCare Connection, Monica came back through our program to receive her next set of hearing aids.

Your support of our clinic not only helps us reach new patients every week,  but we have the privilege of continuing life with patients who have been with us all along the way!