What is #GivingTuesday?

You've heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  But what about a day when you can make a difference this holiday season?  We give you:  Giving Tuesday.  Started in 2012, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (December 1st) is now the National Day to serve a cause bigger than yourself.  HearCare Connection wants to see radical change in our community, and this day is a celebration of that mission.

Our goal is to raise $2,500 on #GivingTuesday and another $2,500 at the end of the year.  We're calling it #HearGivingTuesday.  Will you join us?

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What can you do?


Give financially.

Every dime matters.  Every gift brings people one step closer to hearing for the very first time.  You can give here.


Promote it & Spread the Word.

You can join our mission simply by following us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.  Like our pages, posts and Tweets, then share or retweet them to your friends.  Or share your own using our toolkit below.


Get your friends & family to donate.

We can't do this by ourselves, and neither can you.  If you want to help people hear their family and friends, help them hear the support of yours.  


Get your workplace, church group, band, etc. to all donate.

There's strength in numbers!  What group or network do you have connections with?  Leverage the power of the group to make a big difference.


Join our Giving Tuesday Street Team!

We need your financial support, but we also need your voice and promotion.  Join our Giving Tuesday street team. Email hear@hearcareconnection.org to learn more.



YOU can reach your friends & followers with our mission to change lives!

  1. Follow us on Facebook (facebook.com/hearcareconnection), on Twitter (@hearcareconnect) and on Instagram (@hearcareconnect).
  2. Like, Share and Retweet our posts to your followers.
  3. Use our sample content from the toolkit below to make your own posts.
    • Simply right-click or touch-and-hold the picture to save it. Then copy the sample text. Finally, upload the image to your social media accounts and paste the sample text. Share to you friends!
  4. Tag @HearCareConnect and use the #HearGivingTuesday.

Great for Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

This year I'm not just a consumer, I'm joining @HearCareConnect on #HearGivingTuesday! http://bit.ly/hgt_give


Great for Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

This Tuesday I'm giving the #GiftofHearing with @HearCareConnect on #HearGivingTuesday! http://bit.ly/hgt_give


Great for Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

Hearing loss causes isolation. I'm helping @HearCareConnect connect people 2 their families! http://bit.ly/hgt_give


Great for Facebook!

Grandkids. Babies. Birds. Music. Dignity. These are the joys worth giving. This Tuesday I'm supporting those in our community who can't hear these things today, but could someday through @HearCareConnection's awesome work. You can, too!

Give: http://bit.ly/hgt_give
Learn more: http://bit.ly/HearGivingTuesday
#HearGivingTuesday #GivingTuesday

(Link to video:  https://youtu.be/BtceJNSyKt8) 


Great for Facebook & Instagram!

Evelyn failed her newborn hearing screening – twice. Then at six months old she was fit for hearing aids. “She has severe to profound loss in her right ear and a mild to moderate loss in her left.” says her mom. In 2014 she was fit for a cochlear implant and now is hearing sound she never would have otherwise.

“Before, she would barely sit still to look at the pictures [when her mom read to her]. Now she follows along with the words!”

Your gift matters! It impacts people in our community daily. Every gift is very much needed and greatly appreciated. Go to bit.Ly/hgt_give to give now or bit.Ly/HearGivingTuesday to learn more!

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Thank you.

The most effective marketing and promotion tool is personal, word-of-mouth invitation. We're doing all we can to share our mission, but we need you to join us. Your personal challenges to your friends and family members have the greatest impact on more people hearing their own friends and families for the first time. Thank you so much for your support!