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He came to us with his heart on his sleeve and praying that we would be able to help.  Enoch began to lose his hearing at a very young age and relied on reading lips to fill the void of actually hearing speech. Then a devastating blow: Enoch lost his eyesight.  With no way to read people's lips anymore, his ability to hear became paramount. 

Now 55 years old, Enoch has been declared legally blind. He struggled for years with an inadequate hearing aid.  He knew he needed help.  He just didn't know where to turn. Your gift gave him the opportunity he was searching for. 

Enoch reached out to HCC in hopes that we could grant him a miracle. Throughout his hearing aid fitting appointment, he was amazed. He expressed his gratitude for this organization and the people dedicated to it. Never has a patient shown so much fulfillment by simply having their new hearing aids activated for the first time. 

"Can I just say, I love you."- Enoch  

We can only imagine how he is currently re-engaging in his world and it's all because of you!  Your gift made it possible for Enoch to receive the help that he desperately needed.  Never take for granted how your financial contribution literally changes lives.