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HearCare Connection opened its doors in 2011. Since then, we have served 450 patients in our clinic, fit 218 hearing aids loclly, and have seen 3700 hours of volunteer service donated back to the community by our patients. Thank you!


Evelyn’s Story

Evelyn failed her newborn hearing screening – twice. Then at six months old she was fit for hearing aids. “She has severe to profound loss in her right ear and a mild to moderate loss in her left.” says her mom. Her right ear was so bad that in October of 2014 she was fit for a cochlear implant. The results have been incredible.

She’s communicating more and hearing many sounds for the first time. We asked her parents if she likes to be read to. “Before, she would barely sit still to look at the pictures.  Now she follows along with the words.”

Your financial support has changed the life of Evelyn and her family.  It is because of your generosity that the world of sound and communication has opened up for her and for so many others just like her.

"...Now she follows along with the words."

Your gift matters! It impacts people in our community daily. Every gift is very much needed and greatly appreciated.

Please continue your support by giving today.

Because of you, we are Hearing the Change.

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