When Hearing Aids Aren’t Enough


Post By: Ellie Adams

Everyone has them, those situations where you continue to struggle hearing and your hearing aids just aren’t cutting it. While the first line of defense for this problem is talking to your audiologist and making programming adjustments, there are some times when that just isn’t enough. So what else can you do? Many times there is an assistive listening device, or ALD, that can help greatly in the situation you find yourself struggling. Many times, the ALD’s are made by the same company who makes your hearing aids and are paired together wirelessly.

ALD’s are devices meant to be used in specific situations where hearing aids aren’t providing enough benefit. For example, if you’re struggling in the boardroom during large meetings, you purchase a small device that would sit on the table and transmit the speaker’s voice to your hearing aids. Or, say you have difficulty on your cell phone. You could purchase a small neck loop that would transfer the call right into your hearing aids.

Yes—these devices are an additional cost, however they may be very worth it! Like hearing aids, these devices typically have a trial period for you to judge to benefit of the device and decide if it’s something you’d like to keep. So if you continue to struggle in a specific situation, consult your audiologist and find out if an ALD could help!