Goodbye For Now

Post By: Olivia Hahn

After a year working for the man (Anna Bogdon) the time has come for me to move on! A brand new adventure in Louisville, KY awaits and sadly I must say goodbye to the best job I ever had. Working for HCC has taught me many, many things such as how to operate a business with the patient truly as the first priority, how to cooperate as a team in the workplace, and of course it's given me experience in audiology that undergraduates only dream of.  

Throughout this internship I've been handed responsibility that originally I was intimidated by but has now become routine. I've been pushed to my limits mentally and it's made me a better student. A wonderful staff of women have believed in me and trusted me to work with their patients that they love and care about. HearCare Connection is a great place and I'm very blessed to have been a part of such a support group. 

So as I move onto my next journey in life, I just wanted to thank the staff and patients involved at HCC. Whether you knew it or not, you've been molding me into the future professional I'm so excited to become! I'll say goodbye for now because I'm sure I'll be back to torture you all again some day :) Take care everyone!