What HCC Means To Us

Post By: Olivia Hahn

Most people find a day job to be a drag. They find working far from entertaining and to say they dread going in a majority of their mornings is probably a true accusation. It's a good thing that the staff at HCC aren't  considered 'most people'. With HearCare Connection comes an uplifting atmosphere and an environment that draws you in. This is why moving on from my internship will be so difficult. I've never been so dedicated to a job or bragged about my coworkers more than I ever have as an employee elsewhere.

I asked the staff to send me a small quote on what they think HCC represents to them. This could be how our mission affects the community, what personal growth they've experienced in their time here, or why ,unlike most people, they look forward to coming in every morning. I would like to share the raw responses I got to show that we believe in what we preach and we appreciate this organization as much as the people we serve do.

Cindy, our patient care coordinator: "Every day at HearCare Connection is an opportunity to learn, to serve, and to participate in making a difference in the world, by making a difference for our patients and their families. Each patient brings me an opportunity to be a part of their growth and success, and every challenge is a chance to creatively work to meet the needs of a patient or the clinic.  There is never a dull moment here!"

Anna, our executive director: "HCC shows people that they can experience life in abundance!  Nothing has to stop them from pursuing their dreams."

Jodi, our community liaison: "HCC is my way of giving back to our community. I was gifted hearing aids three and a half years ago and I want to be able to do the same for more people in our community. HCC means changing a life, one day at a time for better hearing!"

Olivia, our totally awesome and outstanding intern: "This is a place of opportunity where I think people have given up hope on such a thing. We revive that dream and fill that void of being able to communicate and interact in social settings and that's something that everyone in this world wants. For me, this organization has shown me the ethical side of a business and how to move forward with great intentions." 

HearCare Connection is much more than meets the eye and the staff stands by the principles that this company was originally built on. HCC means the world to all of us and we want everyone to get on board and help us continue to grow and change other's lives. By doing so, you'll see why we have such a love for our work. Have a great week everyone!