Taking a Step Back

Posy By: Olivia Hahn

Everyday at HCC we get new patients that come with different backgrounds and various reasons why they strolled through our doors in the first place. Every person is different, wanting different things, and seeking different satisfaction. Once we've helped these individuals we check up with them days or months later to see how they're doing and if we've made the impact we'd hoped to make. Upon doing so we document the changes in their lives and what their starting point was to their present standing. This document is called a POSI (Patient Observation of Service and Improvement). So today I'm going to share with you some of my favorites.

Mark, a musician in his 60's, used to love the sound of guitar and his electric drum set. He used to own several businesses, but with his diabetes and hearing issues he couldn't keep up and lost it all. He came to HCC hoping to find an out for his unfortunate scenario. A friend gave him the remaining balance for his hearing aids as a Christmas gift while Mark himself volunteered by giving meals to shut-ins to compensate for his community service portion of payment. "I would never have been able to get hearing aids and hear again without HCC. I have not heard in 6 years. A lot of things are going to be different for me now and it will all be improved." -Mark

Kati, a mother of 4, was a new user of hearing aids at the age of 30. She stated at her first appointment that she was hoping to reconnect with one of her sons again. Volunteering did that for her. She took her family to the animal shelter to pet puppies for their community service hours. They loved participating in this as a family so much they continue to do it every Sunday. They even adopted a rescue themselves. "I was just so excited to get in my car and hear the radio again. Never would I have dreamed we would've reconnected as a family! Thank you so much HCC for helping us this way." –Kati

William, once a lonely man, feels comfortable again in his own skin with the desire to reach out to others now in his 70's. He has needed new hearing aids for years and has recently been fit with a pair. Upon activation of his new aids, he was speechless. He expressed concerns of falling into depression and removing himself from the contact of others due to frustration with his hearing loss. He claims now that he genuinely wants to call his friends and get dinner with them. “I’m so proud to have someone care for me the way you all do. This has changed my desire to be alone and I have HearCare Connection to thank.” –William.

Sometimes as health professionals, we don’t realize the actual impact we make on others’ lives. I enjoy reading these documentations of success and well-being, knowing that the organization I spend my time with is providing these services! These are 3 of many POSI’s we’ve collected throughout past appointments. It brings us all on a more personal level with each individual when they walk through our doors and that is a gift in itself! Have a great week everyone. Take a step back to dwell on the things you’re thankful for and the people that have made a difference in your life. Have a good one and God bless!