Your Friendly Neighborhood Audiologist

Post By: Olivia Hahn 

As I get closer and closer to my moving date, I'm finding myself getting more and more excited. Leaving my hometown to begin a brand new adventure with new people in a new city couldn't be more appealing to me at this moment in my life. I love the location I'm headed towards and I love the reason I'm heading towards it even more... to become a doctor of audiology! I am making my family call me 'doctor' by the way. The only reason I wished I was getting my masters is so they would have to call me 'master' instead.

So off to Louisville I go! My head is looking up and my confidence is at an all-time high. At least until I spend my first all-nighter in the library then ask me again how I'm feeling... Anyway, why so confident and enthusiastic you ask? Well, the stipulation that an audiologist is just focused on hearing aids is totally false! There are so many things that I will learn in the realm of this occupation including diagnosis of audiological disorders, diagnosis of hearing loss, rehabilitation for hearing loss, designing and implementing assistive devices for hearing loss, auditory processing evaluations, helping with classroom amplification systems, diagnosis and rehabilitation for balance disorders, earwax and tinnitus management, patient and family counseling, implementing sign language into appointments, research, development, and so much more!

I realize that last paragraph may have been a snooze-fest to some of you but to me it's audiology heaven! I'm looking forward to a profession that is so broad and becoming so dynamic that it could place me in all different atmospheres and open many doors for me in the future. I could work in a private practice, an ENT office, a hospital, a school, a military clinic, universities, and industrial settings. The extensive scope of practice I'll be learning makes me ecstatic because I'll constantly be given new things to research, memorize, and practice and I am not ever going to be restricted to one thing. Unless I want to be restricted to one specialty then I can do that too! The hearing and balance world is at my fingertips. 

If you must know, I do have a plan set in mind but I'm sure by the time I'm through with my professional studies it'll have changed, at least a little bit. I would like to own and operate my own private practice in downtown Indianapolis one day and be what I would call a 'Hearing Hero' in the community where I dwell. I can see it now... "Olivia, your friendly neighborhood audiologist. The Indianapolis Hearing Hero". Needless to say I am very enthusiastic about my future and the surprises it holds for me. One thing I loved about the students and environment of Louisville School of Medicine was how confident the they were in the specialties they had selected to take into the real world with them beyond schooling and how supportive the staff was of those selections. I'm looking forward to that moment myself. 

So after all this nerdy enthusiasm, I hope I shined a light on the excitements of audiology and why I'm deciding to go down this long and extensive path just to get a job. I've yet to meet an audiologist that is crude or dislikes the fact that they have to wake up and put on their white coats in the morning. There's a lot more to this profession than is advertised and that's what's so appealing about it. As I further myself in school and in the real world, I'd like to bring those unknown responsibilities to the forefront. So keep an eye out (and an ear) because your Hearing Hero will be taking over the world... in 4 years.

Have a great week everybody- Olivia