May: Best Month... Ever!

Post By: Olivia Hahn

Where has the time gone? Honestly, where has it gone? I have two more days until I officially wrap up my undergraduate degree... TWO DAYS! I have a jam-packed summer ahead of me then I'm off to Kentucky in August. The University of Louisville awaits! Where I'll begin this four year process all over... It'll be harder on me mentally and emotionally but it'll be worth every second. People have been asking me 'What will you do with your doctorate?', 'Where do you want to work when you graduate?', 'Is there something you'd like to specialize in?'. If I'm being honest I have a plan in mind and if I'm being really honest I have no idea if what I want to happen, will actually happen. 

The amazing thing about audiology is that I could pursue virtually whatever I wanted in the field. Pediatrics? Geriatrics? Cochlear Implants? Balance? Brain Surgery? (Okay, definitely not brain surgery but a girl can dream). The point being is that I'm entering a field where I can extend my talents and learn new things everyday. My clientele could be as diverse as I want it or as specific as I want it. I could be really great at one particular thing or really great at numerous specialties. Audiology and what we as professionals learn to do and the ways we can help should be celebrated! With all this being said, I'm very happy to wish you a delightful 'Better Hearing and Speech' month! According to ASHA (American Speech and Hearing Association), the month of May is dedicated to spreading awareness about communication disorders. This years theme... "Communication: The Key to Connection". 

I couldn't agree more. Communication is 100% the key to connecting with your friends and family. Without the ability to hear and speak, building relationships with other people can be extremely difficult. If anyone knows me at all, they know I love to talk. I also (sort of) love to listen. I'm immensely blessed with the mechanics to start building and maintaining my connections with others. Some people are blessed in other aspects of life but lack the features needed to connect through communication. This is where HearCare Connection steps in. We thrive on helping others and making our patients feel comfortable. To us, May is the best month ever! An excuse to blow what we do out of proportion and shine a light on the fantastic things we can provide. There can be many unanswered questions in life and time can feel like it's flying right past you (see the first two paragraphs above). We feel like this a majority of the time but everyone, myself included, needs to take this month, sit back, be thankful, and roll with it! 

For those of you who obtain the qualities of life that are key to connecting with others, like speech and hearing, do not take them for granted people! Everyday I see patients walk into HCC praying that we can find a way to instill these capabilities into them. So let's celebrate the last 23 days of the best month ever! Appreciate the mechanics you possess and admire people who don't have this privilege. Together let's celebrate ourselves and celebrate communication disorders. Happy "Better Hearing and Speech Month" everyone!