Empowerment Comes from the Heart of the Audiologist

Post by Olivia Hahn:

Hello loyal HearCare Connection followers! Today is going to be your new favorite day of the week because it's... Magical Monday's with Olivia! Each week I will be taking over HCC's page with news about the office, patient stories, fun stuff that's been going on, pressing issues that I think should be addressed in the world of hearing, etc.

A little background on me: I am a senior at IPFW inching towards my bachelor's degree.I have committed my next four years to the University of Louisville where I will be earning my doctorate in audiology. I started as a volunteer at HCC last year and am now the Audiology Intern under the direct supervision of the fabulous Dr. Tina!

Last week, Tina and I went to the Audiology Now! convention in Indianapolis, IN. It was a span of several days where thousands of other people just like us joined to learn new techniques in the field, listen to other doctors'/students' research, take a look at new products on the market, and get advice as a student moving onto the next step in my career.

There was one class in particular that stood out to not only myself but to Tina as well. The title of the lecture: 'The Science of Being Repulsive: How to Avoid it'. As hearing loss specialists, our profession tends to have a pessimistic reputation because a key term that can come up in your visits with us is 'loss'. The lecture reminded us that our knowledge and expertise are actually EMPOWERING people to be able to do the things they love and become more involved in the world around them. There's also a stereotype that our services are geared towards the older generations. For some reason, this also can have a negative outlook and middle-aged, college students, etc. stray from the help they truly need. Well did you know that a majority of the people with hearing loss now are UNDER the age of 65?

Just remember that we are here to empower you, strengthen your relationships, and open that doorway to a brighter life! Let's transition the outlook on hearing help together. Thanks for reading and have a great week :)  -Olivia