It's not all about the numbers

Numbers are good.  They show progress.  They can encourage hard work.  They can give us the right expectations for growth every year.  However, numbers can never tell you the story of a person's life.  David came to us "ready to make some conversations with a bunch of people" but one thing was holding him back - he couldn't hear very well.  His hearing healthcare goals were to understand people speaking to him (regardless of the environment he was in) and to work on understanding the Burmese accent better.  David LOVES music.  He had been playing instruments his whole life and he is beginning to really enjoy classical music.  He was worried though because music seemed to sound more and more muffled.  

David did his volunteer hours at Science Central and had a chance to meet some really great people.  He was fit with his hearing aids this year.  He is enjoying the fullness of music again and he is having some "great conversations" with friends and neighbors.  He said that the hearing aids are not helping much with understanding someone with a Burmese accent but he wants to keep engaging those relationships.  David is 71 years old and still expects his life to be overflowing the possibilities and adventures!  So can you!

Twenty-four hearing aids fit this year?  Not bad.

Over $40,000 raised in donations this year?  Even better.

One person experiencing life in abundance?  That's the number we want to always strive to reach!  Together we can reach ONE!