Decorating Hearing Aids

Post By: Ellie Adams

Question: Should my child decorate his/her hearing aids or could that damage them?

Answer: Hearing aids can absolutely be decorated! Let’s face it, as amazing and helpful as hearing aids are, they aren’t always the coolest or most fashionable looking accessory for kiddos. Rather than being embarrassed and trying to hide their hearing aids we want them to take ownership be proud of them!


Hearing aids can come in tons of different colors, but it can also be fun to add a little more! Phonak (a hearing aid manufacturer common with kids) has a special backpack that all new hearing aids come with and included in the backpack is a set of stickers that kids can use to decorate their hearing aids, adding flowers, butterflies, cars, and lots more! If you don’t have this kit, no problem!—you can also use nail stickers and washi tape to add some fun to your hearing aids. There are also companies (like that make a decorative “skin” for the hearing aids that come fun prints. Decorating the hearing aids with your child can not only be a fun thing to do together but it might also get them more interested in wearing the hearing aids more often and take ownership of them.

 BUT… there is a bit of a trick to it. There are a couple key parts of the hearing aids that should not be covered up by stickers. These include the microphones and the LED light/button if your child has one. If your child would like to add stickers or decorative skins to their hearing aids you should first look in the user manual and locate the microphones (usually 2) and the LED light/button so that you can help your child avoid covering those with stickers. And of course, if you have any questions your audiologist is always happy to help.