Giving Tuesday: The Results

As you may recall, on December 1st we celebrated generosity in a big way.  Following the deals of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday was a global opportunity for us to give our voice, our money and our time to causes we cared about.  We called our campaign #HearGivingTuesday and asked you to partner with us to help connect people back to their families, friends, schools, jobs, and the world around them in a big way.  And boy did you deliver.

At the beginning, we set two financial goals.  We wanted to raise $2,500 on the day of Giving Tuesday, and another $2,500 by the end of the year.  About an hour before midnight the first gifts came in.  Both Fort Wayne and Toledo participated, and by the end of the day we were stunned by the results.

In just one day, you gave $6,570.  That’s almost three times our original goal!  Just days later, our final total from both locations came in at $7,100.  We couldn’t believe our ears.


What does this lead us to?  It means…

  • …almost 18 new hearing smiles (the moment when someone can’t stop smiling because they hear for the 1st time).
  • …being able to run our clinic for over 5 days.
  • …being able to afford a new tympanometer (an expensive instrument we use to check your hearing).
  • …we could send someone out to perform preschool screenings for 50 days in a row.
  • …we can see patients in 2 cities and all over the world.
  • …we can repair 90 hearing aids that people thought were broken forever.
  • …Dr. Tina Sheehan could buy 5,000 of her favorite pens.

Okay, so you didn’t raise money for a bunch of pens.  But you did make it possible for children to hear their teachers, grandparents to hear their grandbabies, wives to communicate with their husbands, and parents to hear their kid’s concerts.  That’s worth giving to.

That's worth giving to.

Here are some quotes from just a few of our patients:

“It was emotional, just to know I’d be able to hear.”
“Even when we’d sit out in the gazebo in front of the nursing home she could actually start hearing the birds again. I’d say, ‘Can you hear that?’ She’d listen, and she could hear. It just sort of opened up the world to her.”
“Them being able to help me out in this way and being able to help me out with my relationship with my husband is priceless to me.”
“Favorite things are babies. I’ve got grandbabies—they’re awesome. I love the coo and the giggles.”
“Without my hearing aids I said it feels like there’s an invisible wall between me and everything. But when I got my hearing aids the wall lifted… it’s like someone just touched it and it fell off.”
“There’s a lot of people out there who can’t go out and buy hearing aids just on their own without a program like this.”
“Just a great big thank you. And on behalf of everyone, you know, the family that’s impacted by that, too.”

So.  With that, we say thank you.  Thank you for joining us.  Thank you for supporting us.  And thank you for giving the gift of hearing.  We’d love for you to become a long-term partner with us so that we can continue the work you’ve made it possible to start.  Regular supporters make big impacts every day. can help you get there.


Blessings and merry Christmas.