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You may have already heard Bart's story but it's too funny not to tell again.  Bart came to HCC in 2016 for his first set of hearing aids.  For his volunteer service hours, he decided he would volunteer at the animal shelter.  

Bart dislikes cats.

Yet, his job at the shelter was to bathe cats.

"I had alot of fun doing my volunteer hours.  I went to the Humane Society and they had me clean and wash cats.  I enjoyed cleaning about sixty of them... and I don't even like cats."

But what he did next is what makes Bart truly remarkable...

"At the end, I bought one of the cats.  I'm NOT bringing it home, but I bought it so someone else could adopt him that would be have been able to afford it."

When we see our model work outside of what we do on a daily basis - we know that we have something truly special at work in the lives of our patients.